Corney McDaid
Corney spent many years working as a sacristan in Saint Mary’s Church, Cockhill, Buncrana. Corney had a vast reservoir of songs and he was no stranger to collectors. He was recorded by Raidio Éireann in the fifties and many of his songs are to be found in the National Folklore Collection at University College Dublin. He often sang in duet with his brother Pat McDaid. Corney’s sister, Sadie McGonigle can also be heard in the Song Project.
Carndonagh Far Away

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My Parents Reared Me Tenderly
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Buncrana, Fahan Lower, Inishowen, Co. Donegal

Buncrana (Irish: Bun Cranncha, meaning ‘foot of the (River) Crana’) is situated besides Lough Swilly. With a population of 6,785 (2016 census) it is the second most populous town in Co. Donegal, after Letterkenny, and the largest in Inishowen.

Buncrana is the historic home of the O’Doherty clan and originally developed around the defensive tower known as O’Doherty’s Keep at the mouth of the River Crana. The town moved to its present location just south of the River Crana when George Vaughan built the main street in 1718.

The town was a major centre for the textile industry in Co. Donegal from the 19th century until the mid-2000s.

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