Maggie McGee


My Willie stands on board of a timbo
And where to find him I do not know
But for seven long years I am constantly waiting
For to cross the Bay of Biscay O

One night as I lay down a sleeping
A knock came to my bedroom door
Arise arise up bonnie Mary
Till you get one glimpse of your Willie O

This maid arose put on her clothes
And to the bedroom she did go
And who stood there but her Willie darling
And his face was as white as the driven snow

Oh Willie dear where are those blushes
The blushes you had seven years ago
In the cold cold caly they have faded
And it’s only the ghost of your Willie O

If I had all the gold and silver
All the gold and silver of Mexico
I’d give it all for the freedom of
And to save my Willie from Biscay O



14 November 1987


Ballyliffin Hotel, Ballyliffin, Co. Donegal


3 min. 31 sec.


Jimmy McBride Collection


Performer and Inishowen Traditional Singers‘ Circle

Roud Number