A lady fair in her garden walking
A gentleman he was passing
He stood a while and he gazed upon her
He says young lady do you fancy I?

I am no lady a farmer‘s daughter
A farmer’s daughter of low degree
And if you want for to choose a lady
You may travel further don’t fancy me

Well it’s seven years since I had a sweetheart
And it’s seven more since I did him see
And seven more I will wait upon him
If he’s alive he’ll return to me

Seven long years since you had a sweetheart
And seven more since you did him see
And seven more you will wait upon him
Perhaps that young man you will never see

For if he’s sick sure I’ll wish him better
And if he’s dead sure I’ll wish him rest
If he’s alive sure I’ll love him dearly
He is the young man I do love best

And when he saw that she was so truely
He thought a pity that she might be lost
I am your true love and single sailor
That many times o’er the ocean crossed

If you’re my true love my single sailor
Your looks and features are changed to me
Well seven years on the wide wide ocean
Makes an alteration between you and me

He put his hand down in his pocket
His lily-white fingers were long and small
Pulled out the ring that was broken between them
And when she saw it down she did fall