What a great session we had in May …

Annie Gillespie

One thing about our session is, you never know what’s in store – who will turn up or not turn up, or what way the night will go.  And it’s not quantity that makes the difference, it’s the quality of the company, and we’re never lacking that.  McFeeley’s on the 9th  May turned out to be a great night – quality and quantity.  The musicians got the night warmed up and then Kevin had a pub full of singers to call on for the night. The Gillespie Clan were out in force, as well as Tolands & McGonigles, and the Derry wans filled 2 cars!  There were new faces as well … and a draw for CDs & t-shirts & DVDs … sandwiches from Orla & James … doesn’t get much better.  Until the next night … see you all 20 June 2014 in the North Pole!

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